Outdoor Cook Table

This large, cypress work table was inspired by a residence built by William Waldo Dodge, Jr. (1895-1971), one of the leading figures in Asheville’s architectural scene during the boom of the 1920′s. Dodge had allegedly built this house for a friend who was also a woodworker. Dodge had left extra material in some large cypress beams used in the construction of the house to be carved by the client himself. In each of the window jambs he carved a different decorative motif as well as carving two gargoyles along with a dog and a cat into cypress members on the facade. These unique elements were a natural inspiration when we began discussing possible designs for an exterior table on which to cook for guests and for storing the celebrated, Big Green Egg.

The over-all design was taken from the arches and carvings on the facade of the house. The fantastic clients were happy to allow room for a little creativity in the four carvings for the table: two of which were inspired by the house’s gargoyles, and two were keeping with the theme of animals. The carvings of the bear and owl add to the “carnivorous” theme of the table. Copper was used for the top and mesh panels while cypress makes up the main structure. Interior Designer Linda Constable from Ambiance Interiors was invaluable in the conception of this piece.